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The perfect way to display your style guide to your clients.

Project name: Darko Svitic's default style guide
Date: March,11,2015
Version: 1.4

01. Color palette

02. Typography

Heading h1

Heading h2

Heading h3

Heading h4

Heading h5
Heading h6

#Awsum heading

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur eget mauris vestibulum, pellentesque ante porta, placerat dui.Don't click me!

03. Buttons


04. Forms

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05. Table

ID Name Surname Telephone
1 Jack Sales 555-5555
2 Jack Sales 555-5555
3 John Admin 555-5555
4 James Sales 555-5555
5 Jack Sales 555-5555
6 Jack Sales 555-5555
7 John Admin 555-5555
8 James Sales 555-5555